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Us Cable Complaint - Advertisement to loud - US Cable
Us Cable Complaint

Us Cable Complaint


Advertisement to loud - US Cable

I'm hooked up with US Cable , in north east Missouri... To pin point it a little more, Mark Twain ville, or Hannibal... Between internet, & cable TV, I'm giving US Cable, $126.82 a month... Yeah, I think its to high too... But I guess like all the rip off big business, they've got you... You have no rights... You take it, or leave it.. If there down for a day, you still pay the same.. If its February, only 28 days, you still pay the same... I guess they figure, in July & August, you're getting 31 days... There giving you one world of a good deal there, charging you, 28 days, & giving you 31...

Their only words, & words are all they have, to brake it off in you... But is it really necessary, for them to turn up the advertisement, twice as loud, as the programming? I mean after all, there collecting from both ends... The advertiser, & the viewer.. Doesn't the viewer have any say, in the mater? From what I've seen so far, I guess not.. In my case, its an extra pain, because my hearing is so pathetically bad.. Its necessary, for me to have it quit loud, during programming... When a commercial comes on, it blows the windows out, its heard on the other side of Hannibal... I guess it wouldn't be so bad, if it was just me, but I live with my girl friend... Her hearing isn't bad yet, but she clam's its going to be, in short order... If I don't have remote in hand, muting it, as soon as an advertisement, comes on... I understand, the name of the game, in this country anymore... Is deregulate.. But I can't help but find myself wondering, where's that leave John, & Jane Q. Public?

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David2011 says: (7 years ago)
Not really wanting to to defend a cable service but it's really beyond their control. This comes from a degree in broadcasting and working in TV for a dozen years. This is called "audio compression." Production facilities use it to compress the difference between the peaks and lows of the audio to run it as close to 100% saturation as possible. While the loudest parts really are not louder than any other audio, the compression prevents the quieter spots from being much softer therefore you are inundated with unrelenting sound pressure levels. It's built into the commercial by the production house; not the fault of the cable company. It's a way to get the commercial spots "in your face" (ears) without breaking the FCC regulations concerning maximum sound levels. The crude locally produced commercials for cable only are not subject to FCC regulations or good standards and may have other problems including "Video Buzz" which you hear when the brightness level of the commercial is too high.

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